i waited for him to ask for directions

instead he asked me for a lighter

♪ marie ♪
7 August
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i stood there, window shopping for love
i sprinted down the flight of stairs at the metro station, something i had been practicing for a few years now. i had been waiting for this day. as i tapped my foot against the floor impatiently, staring at the pool of piss that had been lying there since the week before, the metro came and i quickly jumped onto it. so let me show you, something super beautiful. let’s rock the boat, the magic is unstoppable! for on the floor, it’s the rhythm you’ve been waiting for. pure delight, kick, snare, hat-ride! swiftly hopping off the metro and making my way up another flight of stairs, dodging the young paper boy, who was selling porn as usual. i hung my ecru coloured cardigan onto my shoulders, pushing my sunglasses so that it could rest on my recently cut long auburn hair, making my way to palpiters. i tried to catch my breath but it was soon stolen again; i stood there, window shopping for love. two years later, i sit in palpiters, sipping my red wine and admiring the chandeliers in different magazines when i look up to see you. love.

"a quote would be good here – metroes"

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moi, je suis une coquette
amicus Caecilium visitat. amicus est mercator. mercator villam intrat. Clemens est in atrio.
Clemens mercatorem salutat. Caecilius est in tablino. Caecilius pecuniam numerat. Caecilius est argentarius. amicus tablinum intrat. Caecilius surgit.
"salve!" Caecilius mercatorem salutat.
"salve!" mercator respondet.
Caecilius triclinium intrat. amicus quoque intrat. amicus in lecto recumbit. argentarius in lecto recumbit.
Grumio in culina cantat. Grumio pavonem coquit. coquus est laetus. Caecilius coquum audit. Caecilius non est laetus.
Caecilius cenam exspectat. amicus cenam exspectat. Caecilius Grumionem vituperat.
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